Wednesday, October 19, 2011

They are hanging witches on TV?

I'm thinking life just might be perfect if these mosaic steps lead to my front door.

I have two sponsees who have stopped calling and they did not finish the steps.  I know through other people that both of them are still sober but damn, I wish people would not become satisfied with where they are.  I like to work with addicts like myself who are never satisfied and always want more.

If you've never used a plasma cutter to cut metal.....well I just feel sorry for you is all I'm sayin'.

My husband told me that when the alarm went off yesterday morning, I sat up in bed and asked him "are you telling me that they are hanging witches on TV?" a new day, empty page. 


Syd said...

LOL on the witches. Yes, I wish that people would at least say, "Hey, I am quitting the steps." Instead, they just stop and that's it. Bothers me when that happens.

dAAve said...

One of my friends in AA relapsed after a couple of years and said he was just tired of living the 12 steps.
He's still out.

Anonymous said...

I'm learning that some people simply don't like living a life of accountability. The 12 Steps hold us accountable for our own lives. No more passing the buck. Active addicts like to pass the buck a lot.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pammie! I love those beautiful steps!

Mary LA said...

The mosaic work on those steps is magical. I wish I could see your plasma-cut sculptures.