Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Let's do it

This pic is for my brother, it represents many Sunday mornings waiting for our father to open the paper so we could get the comics out and the Silly Putty.  If I remember correctly, he would squash many of my good imprints, what a rat fink.

One time when I was 9 and he was 14, he was sitting in the living room with a huge can of Welches Grape Juice.  I probably wanted some but I don't remember that part.  He had his head tilted all the way back and his eyes closed while gulping down the last of the juice.  I remember seeing his adams apple moving up and down while he was drinking and for reasons unknown to me, I quickly ran over to him and with all my strength, I pushed my thumb as hard as I could on his throat.  Boy howdy, you should have seen the grape juice shooting out of his nose and the shocked look on his face.  As soon as he realized what had happened he was laughing his ass off and he grabbed my shoulders and kept saying "that was so good, you really got me!!!"  I always liked that about him.  He was not mad, he appreciated the quick thought and action of a great prank.

My husband and I sat up until long after midnight discussing some business problems and I am exhausted this morning.  I will need a lot of coffee today.  Oh, and yahoo it's flu shot day at work, that ought to wake me up.  When I'm tired from lack of sleep I always have to fight feeling sorry for myself.  Todays treatment graduates would call that a "trigger".  Yuck I hate that word. 

There's a fat man in the bathtub with the blues
Oh my_______

Let's do it.


Mary Christine said...

I hate the word "trigger" too. But tiredness is not good for me - at all. Have fun getting your flu shot today sweet pea.

Lou said...

this isn't the next line, but like this part:

"All I want in this life of mine is some good clean fun
All I want in this life and time is some hit and run"

re your comment this morning--that is exactly what the boy wants too. thanks.

StaZ said...

i hear you moan...i hear you moan...i hear you moan

Mary LA said...

Your brother sounds like a really good man. I'm out of rhymes today.

Anonymous said...

Juanita my sweet Juanita
what are you up to
oh my Juanita.
Littel Feat

Patty said...

Pammie Little Feat sound bite a rama. Thanks for the silly putty, Sunday funnies, rat fink brother, memory for me too.

Syd said...

I remember the silly putty and comic book days. I don't like the psycho able trigger stuff either. Trigger was a horse.

Anonymous said...

All the rehab jargon ranckles me. I think its just my resentment over the fact that I didn't get to go to rehab. Doesn't matter how long I stay sober, I'll always feel like I missed out on something.