Friday, October 21, 2011

Living in Friday

Well hot damn it's Friday.  This used to mean (in my mind) that I could  get legitimately high because after all it was Friday.  Of course, I did not have a job in those days because I was always high but not legitimately high according to my brain.  This all lead to the twelve hour prone position couch Sunday in order to re-coup from the Friday, Saturday and Saturday night legitimate festivities.  Getting high is exhausting.

I am grateful for the plethora of weekend choices I have now, and yes, I said plethora.

People at work are talking about dressing up for Halloween. No uh uh.

World news right now is just too huge to take in.  Little House on the Prairie type living sounds good to me, well except for the lack of hot showers and the absence of electricity and birthing babies on the kitchen table.

OK goodbye.


Kristin H. said...

And wearing all that scratchy muslin with the 10,000 buttons per dress...

Mary Christine said...

Have a happy friday Pammie.

Syd said...

You crack me up! Happy Friday to you, Pammie.

Lou said...

If you don't have a job (and even if you do) the exhausting part comes from having to support a habit. I think the tedious grind of finding the money for drugs/alcohol contributes in part to addicts finally realizing it isn't all that much fun anymore.

PS people in Kentucky talk funny

Mary LA said...

Have a good Friday and a great weekend Pammie

dAAve said...

I love plethora.
And behooved.

Annette said...

So true what Lou said. I have heard stories.

Pam you make me smile everyday that I get to read you. Thank you.

I would also happily have a baby on the kitchen table...a small price to pay for the simple hard work living of those days. I would NOT like the scratchy muslin with 10,000 buttons though...that is simply asking too much.

Have a great weekend.