Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Baby Boy turns 28

I could not post yesterday although I could read and comment on other blogs.  Oh well, it seems to be working today.

Yesterday was my sons' birthday, he is 28 years old.  He is sweet and kind except when he's out of weed.  He has an 8th grade education but is extremely street smart.  He plays kick ass guitar but only for his own amusement.  Women take care of him because he is so loving and funny, they wait and wait for him to step up to the plate and contribute financially but he does not.  They all end up at the same crossroads of knowing they love him but can't keep supporting him.  He repeats this same dance and often with the same girls who wait a few months hoping he has changed "just for them."  They try to "love him better" in an attempt to make him want to get some kind of job.  If loving him better would work, he would own his own company by now.  "If you loved me you would get a job!"  Sounds familiar doesn't it?

There are lots of financial woes for me right now but I've had A LOT and I've had very little and neither one scare me.  Things have a way of working out with or without my fretting about it.

I dreamed that my sister in law died last night and that Paula Abdul called to tell me about it.  Paula said they planned on releasing two doves at the funeral and I said "no, only release one as a funeral accent, my sister in law would consider two doves to be tacky."  Funeral accent ??

Dear "L" please contact me so I know you're OK.

Well all-righty then, let's look at this day and figure out where we can be of service.


Kristin H. said...

I'm going to have the words 'funeral accent' running through my head all day.

And two may very well have been tacky.

I hope you son enjoyed his day :)

Mary LA said...

Happy birthday to the sweet boy. I know a few eternal adolescents like him and he'll need sympathy when the charm wears thin and women are less hopeful about him.

Paula Abdul? I can just see her turning up at a funeral with a snarky Simon Cowell in tow, rolling his eyes at the doves

Mary Christine said...

Happy Birthday to brother! A whole lot of people change their ways when they get to be around 30 years old.

Lou said...

doesn't it seem weird to say 28.And you know this is who they are going to be. Maybe a few minor changes, but this is it. Gotta love 'em and let it go.

Kitty said...

I wonder about my new "adopted" son who has come into our lives. he doesn't work, and doesn't ask for much...yet. I want to have my heart open to him because he is sweet and funny and charming but I wonder if he will turn out to be "one of those kids" that just look for others to take care of them. So far I voluntarily feed him about twice a week, and that's all. Only time will tell.

Lou said...

OK Mary, I'm going to believe 30 is the magic number...LOL

Syd said...

I believe there are many who are forever young in how they look for others to step up and care for them. A good friend at 49 is still doing that. He has a girl friend who adores him but she also has his number. She is a no-nonsense Al-Anon.

Marcia said...

I had one of those adopted sons in my life. I don't think much has changed for him but he is still pretty far from 30. Two tacky doves would be just wrong.