Thursday, September 22, 2011

I dislike the pressure of coming up with a TITLE

Good grief, until 3 days ago I did not know I even owned a groin.  Getting out of bed this morning and down the stairs was all about the groin area......holy cow.  This morning  I will take an Aleve, I don't know why it has not dawned on me until now to take something for the discomfort.  My addict brain is slipping.

I have a fried chicken liver addiction and succumbed to it last what?

You know those silent monk places you see in the movies?  That sounds like good living to me this morning. I want some peace and quiet.  Not vacation type peace and quiet but the stillness of heart kind.  I want that umbilical chord to God kind of inner peace.  I'm just too busy dog paddling these days to sit still with God and let it happen. 

OK, another day of limping down the halls at work where people are probably thinking "that lady is walking like she has a hemorrhoid."


Mary Christine said...

There are places like that in every little burg and every big city and you can find one nearby. I can help you. It does not require a commitment. You can just go sit for a minute or an hour.

I hope your groin fades out of consciousness very soon. It does sound like something a football player has, huh?

Lou said...

Quiet is getting rare..too many damn tweets clogging up the atmosphere.

I need quiet also, and find it hard to stay balanced when I don't find a little during the day. I have slammed doors and yelled "leave me alone."

I hope it doesn't come to that with you, Tomball

dAAve said...

You have me laughing this morning. Not sure if that was your intention or not. doesn't really matter.

I bet you would have LOVED the river float we did last Saturday in Columbus. Six hours of pure peace, floating down the river at 1 mph. Nature everywhere.

Patty said...

I have been craving chicken livers too!!! Must be iron deficiency or something. The people who are thinking about your hemmies have them too!

Syd said...

Meditation gardens are great places. I have one in the form of a boat. I realize that's not your thing, but hopefully there is something nearby that would provide some peace and not too much groin activity.