Friday, July 15, 2011

Payday for Some....Friday for All

Really guys?
Do you not know me a little bit?
Kiss My Ass = I'm feeling better inside.

I missed my home group meeting on Wednesday night because I was with my daughter.  It was speaker night and I had arranged the speaker.  I forgot all about it being speaker night and it did not dawn on me until I received several text messages yesterday telling me about it.  Twenty five newcomer chips were given out and  I MISSED IT!  I can't wait to go back on Sunday and hug all the newcomers.

I am in the beginning stages of a huge project at work and it is daunting to say the least.  Yesterday, I actually reached out for a little help and was blessed with some great ideas from a few people that I never expected to help me.  I forget that sometimes in life......all we have to do is ask.

I swam laps last night!  Not gracefully, not in good form and not even in a bathing suit but I did it.  It felt good and I think I slept better.  I will try that again tonight.

Walk gently thru the lives of your fellows today, some are so much more fragile than you can imagine.


Kristin H. said...

Happy to hear you are pulling out of your funk. And, you swam laps but NOT in a bathing suit? What were you wearing? Or not wearing :)?

dAAve said...

see Kristin's comments above

25 chips? WOW!

Patty said...

Yay!!!! I was picturing you in a pair of red shorts and a T-shirt (?)
So happy for you. Swimming laps works for me too!

Syd said...

That's a passle of newcomers. Glad that you enjoyed the swim. I won't comment on the attire or lack thereof. Nothing like a nude swim though. Feels so freeing.

Mary Christine said...

I'll have to remember that "kiss my ass" means you are feeling good.