Saturday, July 9, 2011

Just Hauling my Ass Around

  • I have a full day of fellowship business and it will be heated today as usual. I will be so happy when my term is up in this position.
  • I don't feel like myself this week.
  • Lack of vigilance on my part is usually the culprit.
  • "I'm tired" seems to be my mantra.
  • Hell I don't know.
  • This whole "sober, human, middle age" thing is exhausting.
  • OK...I'm just going to show up for life today.
  • I'm going to trust that seeking Gods will is still the right thing to do, no matter how I'm "feeling" about it.
  • I will stop analyzing how I feel and why I feel this way.
  • I will not try to be a superstar today.
  • I think one of the most profound truths in recovery is that I truly can not think my way out of things.  I need to haul my ass to where I need to be and my mind will have no choice but to follow.


Anonymous said...

Well put. Thanks Pammie :)

Mary Christine said...

Yep. Just haul your ass wherever it needs to be.

Hope you get a little spring in your step again soon. (spoken by someone who went to the tanning salon 2 days last week at lunch - just to take a nap!)

Beth said...

I discovered your blog several years ago and I was so sad when you quit! I am thrilled that you are back (I don't know how long it's been) and I am happy to read you again. I love your straight-to-the-point, no bullsh*t style. Thanks for the thoughts over the years.

Syd said...

Love it,Pam. Keep hauling and showing up.