Tuesday, July 12, 2011

5:00am Ponderings

  • Every time my kitchen trash can is full, I wonder how much money did I spend to produce all that trash. 
  • When I was a child and we would get a heavy rain, we could not wait to take a cup outside and pick up the little crawdads in the street.  I wonder where they all went?
  • I don't know how I can be so content and so discombobulated all in the same day....hour.
  • Yesterday, someone I care deeply about tried to make me feel stupid on purpose.  I did not feel stupid, only hurt by their attempt.
  • I miss my brother and his family.  I need a special bank account to buy airline tickets to travel to NC for the weekend at least every other month.  I will need money to put into that account too.
  • I pulled four locust shells off a tree in the backyard last night, sprayed them with white paint and painted red dots on them.  What the hell am I going to do with that?
  • I'm going to stay sober today if only because I'm too lazy for the manipulation, drama and sneaking it would take not to.


Anonymous said...

I'll give you a big 'Hell Yeah' on that last bullet.

I'm sure my 7 and 9 year olds would know exactly what to do with your fancy locust shells. They have special keepsake boxes for those treasures.

Mary Christine said...

Hey, send me the name and address of the person who tried to make you look stupid. That's not nice!

It's all a mystery - especially the painting locust shells. Maybe you could make earrings out of them?

Syd said...

Yes, a treasure box for things like that. I have filled several boxes with strange things from the beach...and shark's teeth.

People are stranger than any little painted locust molts.

Every time I look at my garbage I wonder how long it will be around in land fills. I recycle like crazy but there is still so much waste in packaging. Sad really.

Lou said...

It takes a lot of energy to be on a run, I can see why some age out.

Are you OK? Maybe a mental health day, a real mental health day that is really just for you and really for no one else would be good.

(or tell me to really mind my own business)

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

OMG I'll never look at the trash can the same now.

I wish someone could give me the magic bullet for how NOT to feel it when people are acting mean. ;oP I guess I just want to hang around more people who aren't in that moment, which is ok, sometimes absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

RE: Locust Shells I think it would be fun if you put them somewhere else randomly. Then it'll brighten someone who needs to see the still small silly things and find a smile in the moment someday. They may wonder how and who and you'll know it was inspired by God. :)

dAAve said...

I love the bank account premise that one needs money to put in it.
Locust shells. Picture, please.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

I love the idea of needing money for the account. I also want to see the locust shells, and you now I too have folks who try to make me look bad, people I love...and I am sad for the same reason
Love to you

Anonymous said...

Thank you especially for number four because I think I did that to someone I love the other day and you have made me suddenly aware :)