Wednesday, June 1, 2011

YES it is a Race!

It was wonderful to be at my sponsors birthday celebration last night.  I love her and I'm so happy that God arranged our meeting 20 years ago.  I'm grateful that she did not try to "make up" her own version of how to work the steps like so many of the women do in that group. 

I'm grateful that she did NOT say:
Take it slow.  You didn't get sick overnight and you won't get well overnight.
Let's work the steps from the 12 and 12.
Meeting makers make it.
No getting into relationships the first year.

I'm grateful she realized that my life was at stake.  That until I could get connected to a power greater than myself, I was in danger of drinking and dieing.  That YES it is a race.  Without a connection to a higher power I would remain powerless.  Powerless people drink again.


Syd said...

She sounds like a real winner, as do you.

Lou said...

Powerless people let life carry them on a current with no destination. The hard friggin' part is truly believing that God's grace is meant for you too.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

YAY Sponsors! no matter how I cut it, good sponsorship is always direct and they really really focus on the clear cut direction of the big book :)

Anonymous said...

"Meeting makers make it", LOL.

StaZ said...

By sponsoring you, she led you to sponsor others...who will no doubt sponsor others. That's a beautiful thing.

Mary Christine said...

Amen sister.