Thursday, June 2, 2011


Two sponsees in the steps and neither one of them are calling right now.  Just stopping in the middle of the steps and avoiding their sponsor.  Flirting with danger when life gets a little smoother than we are used to.  The problem it presents for me is that I am always surrounded in meetings with women who want to work the steps but there are not enough sponsors to go around and when I'm tied up waiting for sponsees who are what,  resting? taking a break? changing their minds? - then I don't have time to take on a new one.  I guess it's time to poke them with a hot stick and see what happens ;-)

On the flip side, one of my sponsees celebrated 3 years yesterday and that did my heart good.

Yesterday marked the beginning of Hurricane season which we take very seriously here in the Gulf Coast and quite frankly......I'm just not in the mood!

Be sweet to yourself and others today.


kmfriman said...

newly sober is sobering. I love the title of your blog. My sobriety date is 5/6/11. Currently living in a 1/2 way house. Half measures availed us nothing. Sort of ironic. Working on getting my brain reconfigured.
Have a great day

Syd said...

Yes, I have one who decided to quit on Step One. Didn't get very far. Another is ready for step five. Are you willing to go to any lengths? That's the question I ask. Invariably I get a yes and a nod. Sadly, they are not.

Anonymous said...

I become exhausted by the process of giving out my number only to never have it used. Then to get started with a sponsee who "really REALLY wants this!" Only to find out that what they really REALLY want is a temporary stop-the-hurt band aid. No band aids in recovery, I say. This is a rip the band aid off and get the wound healing kind of program.

Let Go, Let God said...

I have a sponsee who quits on step four, relapses, then finds another sponsor. I did my part to the best of my ability then let it go. I like what I read about detachment today, for me, I can't get anybody sober and I can't make them drink, but I'm available if anybody wants to work the steps. Like my sponsor says, sponsoring is something I do for myself.