Sunday, June 5, 2011

Nothing Really

I have a Structures and By Laws meeting today and a convention planning meeting. I'd rather be napping.

If I ever get a huge money windfall, I want to travel around to recovery conventions on a monthly basis.  I love marathon meetings and workshops and speaker meetings and sitting around big hotels listening to alcoholics and addicts talk about gratitude.  It's very invigorating.  Working for a living really gets in the way of my travel plans.

I'm still trying to work on the 9th Step workshop I'm doing at a convention in August.  I found out this week that I'm scheduled for 8:30am on Saturday......whew, maybe lots of people will still be asleep.  I'm having such a difficult time with this and I'm not sure why.

Ok...carry on....just wanted to post something this morning.  Hee hee, I was true to my Title.


Anonymous said...

I think making the rounds of the convention circuit sounds divine. You could start a bit of a travel log kind of like The Lonely Planet. You can talk about who has the best coffee or the best hospitality station.

Topic was focused on the Steps last night at my meeting. Several newcomer women in there and I'm praying their ears were open.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

LOVE The little comic relief.

I just got back from our Area Assembly yesterday, I didn't want to go when I got up (tired, lazy, grumpy) by the time I got done I was thrilled, envigorated and really glad to have seen AA in action. I dragged a sponsee (16 yrs old) along (I can't believe she agreed to getting up at 6am with me cause that's like middle of the night for her, and she found she had a voice in AA. It was really beautiful!

I love recovery!

Syd said...

I think going to conventions is great. I do get so much energy from seeing recovery in action. You had a lot to say.

Marcia said...

Hi Pammie. I got nothin' today either. :)