Sunday, June 19, 2011

Boric Acid and Corn Starch

I wish I could have the above printed on little business cards to hand out to a few people. 

I've been battling a huge ant bed next to my house for weeks and taking some kind of perverse pleasure in doing so.  Last night I poured boiling water mixed with boric acid on the bed (my mothers method) and when I went outside this morning as the sun came up, I was amazed to see the bed was even bigger.  I can not help but feel that they have earned their spot of earth and maybe I should just leave them the hell alone.

I wish someone would show up and just beg to clean my house today....I would like to make that "someone" happy by granting their request.

I watched a very odd TV show about a woman who was addicted to eating corn starch right out of the box.  Four and five boxes a day and hidden throughout the house like whiskey.  I wanted to see what it tasted like since I had never heard of corn starch right out of the box on a spoon before.  Nah....I might love it and I don't need another addiction.


Kitty said...

I saw a show where a woman was addicted to eating couch cushions....that threw me for a loop.

dAAve said...

You may have an ant addiction problem. If so, go to A.A.

Mary Christine said...

Who would anyone even make a TV show about a woman with a corn starch addiction? Where did they find her? I bet her digestive system is severely messed up. ick.

Syd said...

Weird about the corn starch. Maybe the ants would like some.

Anonymous said...

I would have thought for sure that the boric acid would have fixed it. Odd that it didn't. Maybe gasoline and a match. Kudos to the ants, I guess.

And OMG! The word verification for this post: ANTIN. Too funny!

Anonymous said...

What you need is an ant eater or aardvark, small warty animals with long probing snouts that suck up ants in a disgusting manner.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

oh my! corn starch, I had the immediate thought upon reading, "what does corn starch taste like" and knowing me, the next time it's in front of me, I'll try it. Sheesh!


louisey's comment was fun, aardvarks are kinda a cool looking doo-hickley of a creature, might be fun to have one wandering around the yard. I remember a cartoon with an Aardvark... was it pink panther? Yup I think it was