Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blind Willingness

Lots of stuff going on with bloggers.  I see so many of my own fears and insecurities spelled out in the words of others and I know I'm not alone in the world. 

I have felt a perverse joy this week in a woman who is having trouble with her teenagers because she has always been so judgemental of other women's parenting skills.

I'm grateful that today is not June 7, 1991. 
I'm grateful that blind willingness was something I was capable of.
I'm grateful that God looked way past the street filth and grime.
I'm grateful that my beautiful fellowship was already circling up at the end of their meetings praying for me....the addict still suffering.


dAAve said...

This reminds me that most of my problems never really happened.

Let Go, Let God said...

I am not the Jackass Whisperer. Love it!

Lou said...

I like it when those other mothers get their comeuppance. It's mean, but I like it.

Syd said...

The judgers sometimes have the tables turned. It isn't pretty but useful. Hang in there, Pammie.

Mary Christine said...

I love the sign. I wish I could put it on my blog. Because, in my heart of hearts, I think I am the Jackass Whisperer.

6/7/91 was really something I am sure, thank God it was enough to get you to the doors, willing.

Barbara said...

I love the sign too!!! And I agree with Lou.

Akannie said...

hmmm...if I remember correctly, we share an anniversary. I'll be 21 if I'm not struck drunk. lol