Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Note to Self

Note to Self:
  •  Do not respond to an email that was written at 1:00am as soon as you wake up before you have your coffee.  You sound just as crazy as they do.
  •  Stop rehearsing in your head what you are going to write if they answer back with that same "tone" as the initial email.
  •  Stop second guessing yourself every single time you hit "send".
  •  Throw away that tube of mascara that you know is causing your eyes to itch at night.
  •  Make the stop at the damn grocery store and quit putting it off like it was a trip to the dentist.
  •  Make a dentist appointment.
  •  Stop blaming the underwear manufacturer for the "rolling down" in front scenario (do you hear me sista's?)
I'm meeting a sponsee for lunch today, I have a big report due at work, a big check to write for my personal business and I'm telling my story tonight at a re-hab so it should be an interesting day in this saga I call my life.


Anonymous said...


Have a good day, Pam.

Syd said...

It sounds like a day where God has you busy.

Anonymous said...

Live and learn. (sigh) Right there with ya sista!

dAAve said...


Marcia said...

I hear ya

drybottomgirl said...

Yep, know exactly what you're talking about with the "roll down". Let us know how telling your story went...