Thursday, April 14, 2011

Is There Any Better Feeling?

I get to bring a speaker in once a month to my Wednesday night newcomer meeting and last night was awesome.  I asked a man that I do a lot of service work with but have never heard his story.  He is from Trinidad but was raised in Boston and he, like so many addicts had to take his clothes off when he was high.  As he was talking about being naked and high in cheap hotels, I saw two faces light up in the room. We all know that look of "hey-you're telling my story brother!"  Sometimes if we can just get a newcomer to "identify" we have a shot at getting through to them.

I was in an awful floopy funk yesterday but that particular meeting always makes me feel that I have a purpose, that all the awful things I did can at times be just what another woman needs to hear to be able to identify, to be able to feel not so alone, to be able to find hope for the first time.  My life is fabulous!  I have a God who uses me every time I show up.  I ask you, when you are face to face with a broken human being and you have a solution that can bring real joy to their there any better feeling?


Bill Chase said...

You are so write, And what better way to get out of a funk (out of ourselves) than to help and bring hope to another. As your post titles asks. a huge, gigantic NO. That is the best and I might add is there any higher purpose?

I would ask a fovour of you Pammie, If I may? If you could read my recent post and leave a comment and/or opinion, would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

Lou said...

Was going through the blogs for old times sake, and found Pammie, the "don't mess with Texas" Blogger, still giving hope and keeping it real; you are one of few who does it with wit and humor and sans the sanctimonious "I'm more recovered than you" bullshit.

You're words (and especially your 5:30 a.m. comments) got me through some dark times. Happy to tell you Mr. Orange Jumpsuit Pants is 13 months sober in the Motor City.

Sorry to read about your grand baby. That hurts my heart.

Maybe I'll start a blog...I have a name:)

dAAve said...

He's from Trinidad? So is Hayden. LOL

btw - the Astros have a slight pitching problem.

drybottomgirl said...

When I need a "realignment" I head to a meeting. It's just about the best place for me because I know I will be with others who understand me....

Syd said...

I think that I am in need of a good meeting today. Not really a funk but been dealing with a lot of stuff lately concerning family and aging parents-in-law. Meetings help me to be light in the heart and soul.