Sunday, April 3, 2011

I Have Questions

If a major component of alcoholism is denial then wouldn't a real alcoholic take the famous written test and then immediately say it's a crock of shit?  By the same reasoning, wouldn't a non-alcoholic or heavy drinker take the same test and march their ass into a meeting?

Is it too much to ask that every damn thing I eat not turn to fat?  Really?  Is that too much to ask?

Can we just all agree to use our internal moral compass today?

Is it possible that the grocery store chains of America could just pick 5 or 6 kinds of cereal to sell and not an entire isle?

Do babies really need decorated diapers and 100 different designer pacifiers?

Why in the world do people think it's OK to throw their trash out of a moving car?


Anonymous said...

I was talking to someone the other day about seeing my first real live Amish person the other day. They were downtown in the capital city of where I live.

She was telling me about visiting a famous Amish area of the country and were driving behind a horse and buggy down the city road. She had the whol "Gee whiz, how quaint" thing going on until she saw them hurling garbage out of their buggy onto the road. That kind of killed it for her.

No idea why I brought that up. Just a little side note.

Have a great week, Pam.

drybottomgirl said...

I have those questions too! Now I just have to figure out who has the answers!!!!

Bill Chase said...

Sometimes, the world in which we live is just too much to attemt to understand, So I have to remember, just for today my job is my job is just me, nothing else. To do what is right and what is right in front of me.

Syd said...

Oh boy, don't get me started....littering, all the choices in the store, all the stuff to figure out and then throw out. I think that litterers should be made to pick up about 100 miles of highway.

Jessie R said...

LOL... the grouch and the brainstorm were not for us HAHAHAHA ROFLMAO...

I have the same difficulties...

Why do stupid people not park inside the lines so that I have to climb and squeeze my way into a car that I parked perfectly well when I left it?

What makes people just drop trash where they are when it's quite obvious that the trash receptacle is within spitting distance?

Why oh why do commercials have to be so gosh darned much louder than tv programs? OH and while I'm at it, why do they allow radio stations or recording artists to use sirens as part of their music/commercials? I can't tell you how unnerved I get driving down the road and hearing that thinkin' SHIT! (and I haven't even been pulled over more than a handful of times in my life so why does it have such an effect?)

The questions about my irritations and frustrations can become endless....

I submit my day yesterday as a glaring example!