Saturday, April 9, 2011

Grateful Morning Heart

I have a full day of service work ahead and for that I'm grateful.

Today I'm Grateful:
  •  That I let myself have a little cry last night.  Just a 15 minute pity party with some tears shed and some questions to God.  I have faith that these concerns are safely in his hands now and I can just go about this day without having to be all up in my head.
  •  That the weather this week has been about as close to perfect as you can get.
  •  That God could and would if he were sought.
  •  That the Internet is full of inspiring stories if you need a "pick me up".


Cardinal Ruby said...


Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I had a full day yesterday too, and I had a little pity party cry in the back yard, and I thought this morning, WHY aren't pammie's posts coming up on my reader, I've added her again a few times SHEESH!

And so I am here, I LOVE YOU! I'm so glad you're back posting again, and God rocks the house sometimes and I'm so glad you're here showing faith!!!

Syd said...

Yes, it has been gorgeous this week. I think we each need a few moments of self-pity and then can get moving again.