Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mini Rant

It makes me crazy when addicts say "a drink of alcohol will lead me back to my drug of choice so I don't drink."  This is rehab speak being parroted by a bunch of zombies.  Rehabs like to tell addicts that since they are addicted to xanex or vicodin or valium or whatever, that they are alcoholics too because of their addictive nature.  Yes,  more than likely if you told a drug addict "hey, no more drugs but you can have all the alcohol you want" they would more than likely drink themselves into a stupor everyday but that is NOT the point.  The point is that an addict can not grow spiritually with a beer in one hand.  An addict can not seek Gods will while in a drunken fog, an addict can not speak to God with slurred speech and a belligerent attitude.  It just does not matter whether an addict is an alcoholic or not,  no mind altering chemicals is a prerequisite for seeking God.  How can one question themselves about whether or not their actions are pleasing to God with a tequila shot in one hand?  How would one answer a cry for help from a new comer if they can't even drive their car to a meeting place?

It just seems to me that rehabs try to scare an addict into not touching, you can't scare a drug addict......are you kidding me?  Tell an addict the truth, tell a person the truth and then let them sort it out. 

Real sobriety is a clear head and clean body and strong connection to God.


Bill Chase said...

Amen, However to be the devils advocate for just a moment, having had worked in recovery houses, the point attempted to be made is that an individual attempting to recover is prone to transference of their addiction to others means of escapism, yet with that being said the facilatator and/or counsellor just needs to lay out the information, and open discourse. The use of "scare tactics" is not the way to educate and enlighten anyone. Any facilitator and/or counselor using this means is not a credit to their profession or a help to anyone. I believe Dr. Bob said it all when he said (not the exact quote) That no individual can have concsious contact and/or spiritual awakening while indulging in any mind altering substances.
FYI, I love our little Rants, whether yours, others or mine, they can create such discourse aa well as being thought provoking. May you continue to allow The God of your understanding to Love, Guide and Protect you always

~dawn said...

<------------- former treatment facility employee who looks at it like this,,
Bill hit the points I would weigh in with. I hope we're not "threatening" clients, but rather giving the facts based on statistics. And, statistically ETOH is a window drug with a great chance of leading one back to his/her drug of choice.
In regard to the Spirituality, which, for me, IS my complete recovery program,,, there are many facilities who do not embrace the 12 steps or anything similar. So this would not be presented in the way I adhere to and you so precisely described.
When I worked there, our responsibility was to present the current facts on drug addiction, to educate the client, and then provide our (which were AA) endorsed plan for treatment; finally to design a personal aftercare program.

Pammie said...

I may have gone the LONG way around to say that being an addict does not make one an alcoholic.

~dawn said...

Ok, just read every flippin post on your blog Hysterical, dry, sometimes (ok, often) sarcastic humor - LUV LUUUVVVVV IT ~
Glad to find you!!

Anonymous said...

I think your last line about sums it up.

Anonymous said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand.........She's Back! How I missed your rants! Big smoochy love to you today <3

Syd said...

It seems that many pick up drinking when the drugging stops. Trading one addiction for another? I too have missed your rants.

Andrew said...

Since I have abused pretty much all types of drugs as well as alcohol I really don't care about any distinction there may be between them. I don't use any drugs except as prescribed by my Dr.

And I don't drink alcohol. That works just fine for me.

As far as using bs scare tactics, I agree that telling everyone the truth, including newcomers, and letting them figure it out is best. Honesty is still the only way to go.