Thursday, March 31, 2011

Crack Head Crazy

You know that old song "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands?"  Doesn't it seem strange to say "and you know it?"

I kinda sorta accidentally got into a hollering match outside of a meeting last night with a man who told me three times that he was a member of Mensa and that he knew more about the big book in his nine months in the program than I would ever know.  As the conversation deteriorated I called him a "chicken hawk" which he is and told him to "back the fuck up" which he did and I went into the meeting which he did not.  When a middle age man gets in my face and starts screaming in a way that causes spit to hit my cheek, well I just go all crack head crazy.  I just know that God is going to bring that man back around again and I'm going to have talk to him and own my part in the melt down.  God is "all about" not letting me get away with crazy shit.  sigh


Kristin H. said...

The synchronicity of this post is amazing. I was just thinking of posting something along the lines of "Your IQ doesn't mean jack if you always get picked last for kickball."

Meaning: I don't give a f**k how smart you are, obviously nobody wants to play with you."

Then I thought, "Well, shoot, Kristin, there are plenty of kids out there who aren't part of the 'in' crowd and always got picked last for kickball...blah blah blah."

So I scrapped that post.

But my inspiration for it was something similar to your experience. I have had some dealings with an individual in the program who fancies himself a genius (I believe Mensa may have been mentioned.) He is working as a contractor and was hired to do work on my new house. He turned out to be a complete windbag and not worth the money I paid him. All I heard for weeks was "Blah blah, I'm so brilliant, blah blah, I was a physics major in college, blah blah..."

Brilliant, maybe, but he can't stay sober, and nobody wants anything to do with him. I didn't have the luxury of firing him. He disappeared.

::sigh:: Anyway, that's my rant. Sorry about hijacking your post :)

What's a chicken hawk?

Hope said...

"God is "all about" not letting me get away with crazy shit."

Yep. I have an alternately love/hate relationship with that truth. Eventually I end up grateful for it but sometimes it takes a bit.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

:O) So glad I'm not the only one who really CAN'T control my emotional nature. I really hope God USES the crazy shit, cause I think I'm still more crazy than sane most of the time :O) But I do know that knowing the big book ain't half or even a quarter as important as LIVING it :) LOVE YOU PAMMIE!!!

dAAve said...

It will be interesting to see if he turns out to be your sponsor sometime in the future. LOL

Syd said...

Ha on Dave's comment. The HP may have plans for him in your life. Who knows. It sounds as if he is trying to intellectualize the program. That doesn't work for me.