Thursday, March 17, 2011

Keep Your Pinchers to Yourself

Let me just say that if you are not wearing green today you are safe with me.  I was always horrified as a child that people were given the right to pinch me if I did not have on green.  The whole "pinching thing" is all I ever learned about St. Patricks Day. 

I am not equipped to pray for a whole country.  My spirit is somehow wired to pray for individuals and so I have broken down my prayers for Japan into just one.  I am praying for one nameless woman who woke up last week with her daily responsibilities on her mind and had her world ripped out from underneath her.  I know that God knows her name and her heart, I just know to pray for her.

Today is Mary in Africa's 4th sober birthday and I have been so privileged to read her daily journey.  She gets a "pinch free" day, I don't care what anyone says.


Anonymous said...

'Morning, Pam!

SoberSannie said...

Hi Pam, could you please share the link to Mary in Africa's blog?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Pam! I could do with a few less pinches on a soberversary. You have been such an inspiration to me in so many ways -- especially when I disagree with you and realise years later you were right or perhaps not, but wiser than me anyhow -- and I love reading you again. You and I share the same passion about recovery.

Sanny my blog is called Letting Go and here is my link.

Anonymous said...

Oh that is so obscure. The blog name is louisey because all the Marys were used up but I am Mary in Africa

Pammie said...

click should take you there.