Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm Present

I am grateful for the fun I had yesterday with my kids!  I seriously kicked butt on the go kart track.  How amazing it is to see my babies as adults.

I went to an 8:00pm meeting downtown and got lost going home (?)  Thirty or so people in their first 60 days alternating between whining and bragging.  Guilt and shame hang heavy in a newcomer meeting and it sometimes sticks to my clothes like cigarette smoke.  I think that sometimes we cling to guilt as a way to stay with the familiarity of self centeredness. 

I ate hummus last night but I don't want to talk about it.

Be kind today.  I think a world wide kindness day could help sooth Gods' nerves.....what with all that's going on.


Anonymous said...

Are you back? This is wonderful. When I first got sober, I found your blog and was reading it backwards, it was wonderful and filled me with hope. Then one day I opened it and it was gone. I hadn't been reading any of the new posts, just picking up where I left off and moving to the present. So, no warning, one day you were gone and I was sad. I am really happy to have you back. It is hard to find sober blogs that speak to me. Will there ever be a way to go back to your archives?

Kristin H. said...

Hi, Pam!