Saturday, June 29, 2013

Just thinking out loud

Have you ever noticed some really major flaws in someone and discovered that it made you love them more?  Sometimes seeing the human-ness in a person just touches my heart like nothing they can say or do.

It makes me wonder why we pick the particular mask we do.  I want to tell some folks that their public mask isn't nearly as lovely as the person they are trying to mask in the first place.  I think that something as simple as wearing stylish clothes against ones instinct of what style they would like to portray is a mask also.

I wish we could all wear our hair exactly as it grows out of our head.  That is a frightening thought to a lot of us, but after a while it would be a great conversation starter, just seeing all the different hair types.  It seems uncivilized to walk around with our hair all crazy, but it seems uncivilized to care about such things also.  I think it would help us all see the human-ness in each other if we just wore what was comfy and let our hair just "be".  We would all be clean of course!


Syd said...

LOL--I did just that for many years with long hair down my back. When I cut it, I had over 14 inches of hair that I wore in a pony tail. But I like your idea, Pam. Lots of things could be more natural about us--not just the hair.

Annette said...

I went from years of working so hard to straighten my wild curly hair because of course I hated now just letting it fly free. Its a relief, but I will never stop high lighting it! No way.

Hope said...

I have someone in my life right now who fits your first paragraph to a "T". I love her a lot.

There was a time in my life where I wore no makeup, grew my hair long and wore dresses. That no makeup thing helped me become comfortable with myself without the mask of makeup.

Of course there are always other masks to confront.

Mary Christine said...

For so many years, I had long straight hair and wore no make-up. But when I joined the working world, I wanted to look like I fit there. And then there is age.... long straight hair is only pretty on the one in a million beautiful older woman.

I do know that all those jackets and suits in my closet are going to have to be given away, because I am NEVER wearing them again. I have my own look and it is a good one, and in my new career, I will be allowed to be myself. YAY!

Lilyuk said...

If I walked around without covering my grey hairs I would feel horrible. I've just had my hair cut from bum length to just below shoulder length & feel wonderful. I've been on a diet for the last couple of months & lost around 9lbs, I want to lose more, I want to get back to my ideal weight 8 an a half stone, I'm only 5'2", I'm a 7.5-8 stone girl, I know it's virtual starvation for me now to be that light @ my age but believe me losing weight has made me feel wonderful, fantastic, I can (nearly) get into all my lovely clothes, it's a new lease of life; I also feel healthier, have more energy & look great. Being overweight, fat, frumpy, unkempt may, for some people feel they are being "themselves" & good for them, but, for me I like to look & feel great, I love my clothes, make-up, jewelry, my handbags, perfume, and yes, I get a kick out of turning heads, but especially for my well being, I love to look slim & you can't look great in clothes with lumps & bumps everywhere.

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