Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Today is my 7th anniversary at my company.  What an awesome blessing this job has been.  I love my co-workers and management.  I love the services that we provide for almost every country on the planet.  I love where we sit in the stock market and my office is very comfy as well.  How God maneuvered this crack head into this position is any ones guess.

I've had two using dreams this week.  How weird. 

I am sponsee-less at the moment and enjoying the quietness of the phone.  I know this won't last long but I'm enjoying it right now.

It's only the 9th and several of my resolutions have fallen by the wayside. I guess they were just some self talk suggestions more than actual resolutions. I'm fine with that.

Let's stay sober today and see what happens K?