Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Morning

My thoughts this morning.
  • Four days of being on my own schedule, over. Whaa Whaa Whaa.
  • Going back to work this morning.  Ahhh normal.
  • Spending two of the days with my precious grandson.  Heaven/Exhaustion
 Excellent productive group conscious last night.  I find that amazing!  We have two weeks until we have our hospitality suite at our convention and feed 500 people for two full days.  Sometimes we just shock the shit out of me with our ability to get along when it's crunch time.  Maybe the weekend will end up being a healing time for our group of crazy addicts with strong opinions about every damn thing.

 I have not seen a television in 48 hours and I'm no worse for it.

I have to do something about my weight yet again.  I must say that crack was an excellent weight control drug except for the whole life falling apart, wishing I were dead, no contact with God stuff.

Be gentle with people today, sometimes awful unseen, unspoken things happen in the homes and lives of our fellows.


Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Amen! Love you Pammie!

Mary Christine said...

I love the way the crazy people in our fellowships can - without agreeing on anything - put the most incredible things together!

Patty said...

I missed you. Glad you had a nice visit with your grandson.

Kary May said...

I've been reminding myself a lot lately that God loves the person standing in front of me as much as he loves me and that he thinks they are as special as he thinks I am. Of course, sometimes I don't agree. lol

luluberoo said...

Pammie, I would send you another diet, but I think you got this.

If you could figure a way out of that awful hell of drugs, you can do this too.


dAAve said...


Mary LA said...

Gentleness works -- love to you Pammie

Syd said...

I'm glad that you aren't on the crack diet. Have a good week.

Catherine said...

Hi there,
I just came across your blog and am happy to have found another one with stories about multiple addiction struggles. I have had them all.

Television and computers can be soul-suckers (although obviously I am on one now).

It is true that there are unseen things behind the closed doors of other people. I was at a meeting where a very rich man was sharing (my defect JEALOUSY popped up. But he was crying his eyes out and was obviously in the same pain as the rest of us have felt.

Have a great day!

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