Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday Morning

I wonder what has caused my blogging slump?  Maybe it's someone elses fault. I'm an addict so if I ponder over it long enough I can figure out an elaborate story about how I am not to blame, or go to the other extreme and find ways to make everything my fault.  sigh.

  • I am having some anxiety issues but have all kinds of learned tools to deal with it.
  • I have a graduation party to attend this evening at the next door neighbors.
  • June is my sober birthday month.
  • My husband is leaving for Alaska this week so I will have the dog and house to my self.  This can be nice but a little scarey at night. He has a job for one week there to do.
  • I seem to have lost my appetite.  I will not send a search party to look for it.
  • I painted a stepping stone last night and set it on the front porch this morning.  It says Be Kind.
  • I am lonesome in my heart this morning for something or someone but I don't know what or who it is.
  • Not smoking is getting all over my nerves.
  • I can breath.


Mary LA said...

That stepping stone, Be Kind, speaks to me.

Stay safe, Pammie.

Kary May said...

Tell those nerves to shut up and you keep being kind to yourself and don't smoke. Happy Saturday, Girlie.

Anonymous said...

I need that stepping for myself as a reminder, maybe I will make one for my back porch where I enter my home.
A weekend sans husband is a bit of heaven for me! Wish I could come and have a sleepover with you! You can do your crafty things and I will sew. Later maybe you would play your guitar for me? And perhaps show me how to achieve a bar chord. Oh what fun!

Quitting smoking is so darn hard! I just had three years of being smoke free and lately it has been tugging on me to come back stronger than ever!

My sponsor just started again after almost four years. The other night we went out to dinner and she could not wait to go outside and smoke. I am grateful to be free of that obsession today. Hang in there Pam, praying for ya!

smackhead said...

ehausting?? its much more than that, i think there is no word for how it feels BUT ANYWAY

Syd said...

Enjoy your Saturday, Pammie. Good for you on giving up the smokes.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I love you! :) <3 ((((HUGS))))

Anonymous said...

The tide of human energy ripples across our physical plane. I have mentioned this before. Most everyone in my 'sphere' is a little off. It will pass. It always does. And then we will all be 'up' and wondering what to do with all that energy. Syd will sail. Annie will garden with gusto. Mary LA will concoct elaborate meals and entertain a bunch. I will do a bunch of Zumba classes in one week and clean the house and have magnificent hair-dos all week.

But for now, we're all a little slumpy.

luluberoo said...

I've heard many elaborate stories. Some were really creative.I remember thinking...hmm, that could happen.

I used to love having the house to myself, now not so much.

Mary Christine said...

I am so thrilled that you can breathe. Breathing is good - very very good. And I want only the best for Pammie.

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