Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Just a list

Just the facts:
  • Husband is in Alaska on business and the quiet house is so damn soothing!
  • I've been in bed by 8:00pm every night and loving that.
  • I am however afraid of a one arm serial killer holding a machete while one of his eye balls dangles from his eye socket. This makes sleeping a little difficult since I'm watching the alarm light on the panel all night.
  • My hair is going through a rebellion stage.
  • Last night, I decided to do a written 10th step.  Whoa....I'm in my own way a lot.  A couple of issues really were about "me."  Ouch.
  • I received many calls and texts about an Area service position that has opened up that many people seem to want me to take. I don't want it. Funny though, the "I don't want it" thought has never stopped me before.  
  • I guess my hair isn't the only thing going through a rebellious stage.
  • I'm making decisions without seeking Gods will on the topic.
  • That never ends well.
  • Never.


Mary Christine said...

But, you can change that without a moment's notice. Always.

Anonymous said...

My hair has thanked me repeatedly for purchasing a professional grade flat iron. Just thought I'd share :-)

I live a quiet house. It goes milea toward calming my chaotic mind.

Anonymous said...

Please forgive the typos. My iPhone doesn't approve of me blogging :-(

Annette said...

I LOVE being alone in my house. I think it happened about 4 months ago for a few hours.

Also, I got a shitty haircut recently.....I feel your pain. My curly air is going every which way or laying in clumps.

God always wins. Just knock it off and do what He asks. Its just easier that way in the long run.

Love you many good things about you.

Syd said...

Theo would seriously dissuade any intruders!

SoberMomRocks said...

Don't worry about that one armed serial coming to get you...he's busy hanging around my house waiting for me to be alone for two seconds. You can relax, he's been with me for years, you've never been in danger.

dAAve said...


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