Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend HiLites

Saturday morning, my son, "brother" was released from a 3 day jail stint.  He was finally picked up on the seven outstanding warrants.  All seven of them were for failure to appear on expired inspections stickers on various vehicles over the last few years.  The reason he got caught is because he was driving a friends scooter with an expired inspection sticker.  They cleared all charges after his 3 days served and he now has a clean slate.  His girlfriend told his boss what was going on and brother did not loose his job.  He said now that it's over, it wonderful to not have to look over his shoulder.  He walked 3 miles to work yesterday since there were no vehicles with current tags available to him.

Saturday afternoon we had a food fest swim party for my husbands 50th birthday.  Yes, I'm older than him.  It was just us and the neighbors on both sides.  One family is the young couple with 5 kids and the other side is the gay couple who are my age.  It was a fun fun day.  The gay couple came dressed as my husband...they had sprayed their hair black, wore fake mustaches, had pipes hanging from their mouths and wore the same kind of shirts and shorts he wears.  It was funny as shit!!!!

Yesterday, I went to two meetings and a group conscious. We are not a self help program.  We are a beyond human aid program.  That's what I took away from the day.

I have to do my every six months blood work at 7:30 this morning, and I forgot about it and just finished my coffee.....damn.  My mother used to say "well they are scientists, let them figure out how to separate the blood from the coffee when they are testing."


Anonymous said...

"we are not a self help program"... or a therapy session.

Happy Birthday to the youngster!

Anonymous said...

Mama's comment made me laugh out loud. Have a good day, sunshine.

Mary Christine said...

I never met her, but I miss your mother.

And self-help, we are not. But about 90% of us think we are.

dAAve said...

At least those scientists are having to separate alcohol from your blood.

I am quite anal about noticing expired inspection stickers and expired registration stickers. I'm constantly amazed how many cars are illegal.

dAAve said...

are not*

Annette said...

I loved your mom's philosophy on blood work. Was it black coffee....that is easier to decipher than coffee with cream. ;o)

"We are a beyond human aide program." I LOVE that.

I also get such joy from the fact that you are such great friends with your neighbors. Not everyone wants to have a family over who has 5 kids! Believe me, this I know. You are an angel.

Syd said...

That party must have been great! I once got stopped by three police cars for not having a sticker on my car. It had fallen off.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I had an experience like Syd only mine was still stapled to the registration in my glove compartment. :OP :D

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