Thursday, April 12, 2012

Theos bo-hiney

I've learned how to take pictures with my phone and email them!  My back yard.  Some new flowers and Theos' bo-hiney shot as he's drinking from the pool. 

I had a phone call yesterday from a chronic relapser.  He's always "through with it" but never finished. I had no new morsels of wisdom for him, just my own experience which he has already heard a hundred times.  Well now he's heard it a hundred and one times.  The truth is that he gets on my last nerve but he is someones' son and I'm a sucker for that.  I know for certain that somewhere, someone is praying for that young man, praying that someone will say something to him that makes sense, gives hope, is the catalyst for change. I'm a sucker for that too.


Mary Christine said...

It's awesome and 100% Pammie that you think of his momma praying & wishing her son would get well.

Love the pool!

Lou said...

I'm nosy, and want to see more of your private life. Please post pictures of your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and closets. More pool pictures too.

You are my favorite kind of sucker.

Syd said...

And please post photos of other Bo-Hineys lounging around the pool too.

Glad that you had compassion for the hundred and first time. Maybe the words will get through someday.

Kristin H. said...

I'm with Lou. And, I'm a sucker, too. That's why I keep giving out my number even though they never call. They want the help, so they say...

Mary LA said...

Love Theo drinking like a giraffe from the pool. I like the decking and the bright flowering pots too.

I'm also a sucker for hope. You have a big heart, Pam.

dAAve said...

It might be #102 that finally clicks for him. Who knows?

Dogs that drink out of swimming pools are smarter than your average bear.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

:) Love theo's bo-hiney!

There are many coming into the rooms over and over and I somehow have a heart for some, they frustrate the crap out of me because they just cannot/will not seem to get it but it only takes one God touch to your heart for someone to have that special affect that allows you to continue to pray, share with them and hope. :)

Love ya Pammie!

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