Friday, March 23, 2012

Yes I know, Put title HERE

Telephone calls from two different sponsees who want to drink because "life stuff" keeps jumping out of the corners for their day dressed like the boogie man and screaming like a banshee. Both of them have all kinds of grace shining on them and cannot even see it.  Sigh.  Which reminds me that I have all kinds of grace shinning on me and lots of days I don't see it.

We have had the most wonderful weather here and I have been enjoying the dirt in my backyard.  The whole "working for a living" part of my day, really robs me of a lot of time outdoors. 

I'm grateful:

  1. That I can usually see that a few bad days will pass and that a new set of good and bad days will follow.
  2. That God made dirt and plant roots.
  3. That I understand my own responsibilities in my "moods" and outlook.
  4. That seeking God is not an afterthought.


Mary Christine said...

I would love to see your back yard. I bet it is fabulous!

Lou said...

I don't like dirt.

Hug has been given, although I have to step up on my tiptoes to reach his neck.

On my way to seek God now on the beach (wish it was Galveston Bay)


Lou said...

I don't like dirt.

Hug given, but I had to stand on my tip toes to reach his neck.

Going now to seek God-on the beach (wish it was Galveston Bay)

I have lost 3 comments due to spotty wifi. Be on the look out for floating cyber debris.

Annette said...

You are so gracious...I have a sponesee who has grace and abundance shining down on her and doesn't see it and I walk away thinking, "Gahhh, she's so spoiled." See....I'm really not very nice.

Its still cold here but I can't wait to get my back yard back in shape. I bet yours is gorgeous.

Kitty said...

golly I wish we were having good weather, there was SNOW on the ground yesterday morning. I was like, jeez, do I live in Canada?
have a lovely day.

dAAve said...

I love this weather and I love my dirt too.

Patty said...

"Seeking God is not an after thought"
Major Ah ha moment up here in Ohio, did see the light come on from way down there? I wish we all lived closer.

Syd said...

The weather here is wonderful. I am totally grateful for today. If people are so self centered that they want to go back out, maybe it's best to let go. Drink will drive them back in.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Ive been playing in the dirt lately too. I like digging and planting and seeing beauty grow!

I also like hanging around the mountains and woods seeing how God does it too!

Outside is good!