Thursday, March 29, 2012

Can't Focus

  • I always feel especially optimistic on Mondays and Thursdays.
  • My love affair with garlic came to an abrupt halt a month ago when I tried to invent a diet concoction of low fat Mayo with raw garlic and took a bite that left an awful taste in my mouth for days.  I hope to get over this but as of yet it's not happening.
  • If I wasn't so afraid of serial killers in the woods, I would like to take a solo camping trip.
  • Affairs between married people always end badly for one.  I wish I could impress that upon a co-worker. 
  • In a Re-Hab setting, the patients truly believe that their families are being referred to Al Anon as a means to help them "understand" their alcoholic/addict.
  • I really get tired of addicts who can not understand why everyone doesn't jump on board with faith in them when they first get clean and sober.
  • I'm still amazed that people trust me, me the addict.
  • I would like a beer, without the repercussions.
  • I would like a whole cake with the same stipulation.
  • I know it's very much the social norm but I saw a baby shirt in the store that says "I'm a princess, my Mommy is the queen and Daddy is around here somewhere."  I don't like this message that is being continually advertised about women being the rulers of everything and all men are bunch of idiots.  I know the extreme opposite goes on in other parts of the planet but geez louis.....enough already.  It "feels" like every commercial on TV casts the female in the role as "mother" for men and the men are just a bunch of naughty children.


Mary Christine said...

I concur about the women in the media thing. The other thing that deeply disturbs me is that childrens movies portray girls as being tougher than men. If they buy that, they will have a hideous awakening when trying to fend off a biologically stronger man. Even a little stick man is stronger than most women.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of stupid t-shirts out there. Like one with a baby drinking a beer. I like my t-shirts with no sayings on them.

Syd said...

Thanks for sticking up for the men. There are a few good ones out there--LOL. We are trusted servants who do not govern.

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