Thursday, February 2, 2012


I had a "knowin'" on Sunday and it was that I've had enough to eat.  I've been alcoholically eating for the past 2-1/2 years. I've tried to explain it to a few people and it's difficult but I can honestly say that I could not get enough to eat.  Really.  I've been eating normally since the "knowin'" came.

I asked my "can't stop talking sponsee" to stop talking yesterday.  She said "what do you mean?" I said "I mean, stop talking."  There was a pause long enough for me to inhale and she said the silence was deafening. She's like a live version of tweeter.  Her favorite thing to say to me is "yes, but."

I've made my favorite tuna salad for my lunch today, it's tuna, Greek yogurt, celery, onions, jalapenos, boiled egg whites, sweet pickles and dill.  I love this on toasted English muffins and it's low calories.  It's time to start the process of losing the weight and I am not the least bit afraid.

Enjoy your day. Ole'


Mary LA said...

That tuna salad sounds delicious. Do you just throw away the yolks? Ole for losing weight in the spring.

I have a friend who cannot stop talking and I warn her I have to leave the room at six-minute intervals.

Marcia said...

I have a friend who cannot stop talking too. but I can and DO stop listening. I prefer quiet. :)

Anonymous said...

The Dad talks too much. I have a developed a razor sharp radar that zooms in when it's something important.

In our 50's the thyroid conspires to slow our metabolism. A lot. Have you had yours checked?

ScottF said...

hi Pammie... I can relate, I go through phases of eating alcoholically. I know EXACTLY what you mean. If you're interested, I followed a do-able plan last year that helped me lose about 50 lbs. "The 17 Day Diet" sounds like a fad and all that but it's do-able, healthy and it works.

Good luck, you're in my prayers and I'm with ya on continued weight loss as well lol.

Anonymous said...

There is a gentleman friend of mine that I refer to (in my head) as The Wall of Sound. And everything with him is a pissing contest. He's what my co-worker calls a One-Upper. I'm pleased to see that you called this gal on her obnoxiousness. Lets see how this goes :-)

Annette said...

I have a sponsee like that too.

Awwww Pam, I eat alcoholically too! Thanks for giving it a name....a name that kind of shocked me out of my lethargy. Stress eater just doesn't do it for me anymore....its become such a habit.

Just for today we can make good food choices and eat only what our body needs....right? Right! Ok, I will give it a shot today too. Thank you for your honesty!!!

Syd said...

I'm a good listener so I am willing to sit and wait for a nanosecond pause. It is like pouncing on something tasty by a predator--I seize the opportunity to say something. Then again, sometimes people talk over others which is really annoying. I generally say, "Stop, let me finish." It is one of my pet peeves.

Maija said...

FYI - I've been doing the 28 day challenge at and it has been wonderful! It's a cleanse detox. I decided I needed to get rid of all the toxicity in my life- first my addict and now my body. The first week is so hard but worth it!!!