Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Not much

  1. Yahoo.  I received a box in the mail yesterday from our Lou and it had all kinds of goodies in it!  Even a gift for sober girl, and because Lou is had all kinds of exercises mapped out for me!  It was just thrilling to look through.  Thank you my precious Lou!  Yes, I will read and hold on to the book for you until you come get it.
  2. I got a call last night saying that there were not enough registrations for my Tai Chi class that was to start tonight.  I am terribly disappointed. There are 4 million people here.....and 8 more people could not be found (?)
  3. An (irritating) guy at work quit smoking a few months ago but he is going through a divorce and keeps bumming cigarettes from me.  Yesterday, he said he wanted to pay me a dollar for every cigarette as an incentive to himself not to do it.  I went by his office several times yesterday talking smack about his ex wife and made $6.00 by the end of the day.  When opportunity knocks.....ya know. ;-)
  4. I am ready to flip my calendar to March and set some goals.
  5. Lou has provided me with a few.
  6. If you like big boobs, don't diet.....jus' sayin'.
Have a spectacular day y'all!


Syd said...

Dear Pammie, healthy means quitting the ciggies too, right? Maybe there will be another Tai Chi class or you could really go 180 degrees to Zumba.

Mary Christine said...

I got a package from Lou this week too!

Sorry about the Tai Chi, it sounded awesome.

Anonymous said...

I like big boobs. I'm all about better living through medical science (also known as plastic surgery). I think Tai Chi might have been a little too zen for you. Walking is good.

dAAve said...

I love the cigarette project. Let's get rich!

Annette said...

Oh Pam, you just make me laugh everyday day. Thank you. My big boobs could stand to be a little smaller. I am building up my momentum to diet currently as I type.

Anonymous said...

I refuse to go under a certain weight because I'll lose my rack. And its one of my best features ;-)

Go, girl, on the goals!

Lulu said...

I console myself for having the smallest boobs on the planet by saying they'll just slow down my marathon and half-marathon times! But then I think if I didn't race so much, I'd fill out my bra a little more, right? Hmmmmmmm, decisions, decisions. :-)