Monday, February 6, 2012

Mine Melt

Mini melt down Sunday.

Technology is supposed to help our lives not cause chaos.  My email started sending out spam at 6:00am and 3 more times throughout the day.  I have 100's of contacts in my email.  My boss called my home to tell me he was getting emails on "how to make money" from me.  I told him I liked the way I make money's just spam.  Well the phone calls started and texts and emails and even one knock on the door. By 7:00pm I could not stop crying.  I could not get my email to disable, could not get my password to change and could not get my husband out of the neighbors house to help me.  That led to crying about other things then my husband in desperation said "please tell me who I need to beat up or shoot and it's done."  He was so sincere that I just snapped right out of it and started laughing at him.  I don't know what got into me.  I just became so frustrated.

I don't quite feel like myself this morning.  I'm hungover with emotions and my eyelids are swollen.  I have 36 more unopened emails from overnight, of people telling me that my computer was hacked. I'm not going to open them and that's that.

My feelings this morning are, embarrassment for causing people such aggravation, guilt from upsetting my husband, bewilderment for getting so upset and confusion from my own lack of control.  I don't know where to put all that.  God's hands I reckon.

I know when I get to work there will be a steady stream of people who will come by my desk to be helpful and ask me did I know my computer got hacked. I need to come up with one standard "I'm sorry" and not let it take me back to the crazies again.


Kary May said...

Oh Pammie. The DH opened one of those stupid emails from a friend that we hadn't heard from in ages the other day and I've expected chaos to start raining down ever since. Remember, in the scope of things...this is a wart on a flea's ass.

Mary Christine said...

Pam, I'm sorry I sent you an e-mail asking if you'd been hacked. I got a couple of e-mails from you yesterday. I have had my e-mail hacked, so I totally understand how that happens... I am certain most people do.

And just for the record, I don't find 3 e-mails aggravating. I have a delete button. And I understand these things happen in a modern world.

Love you Pammie.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

In the age of technology this too shall pass (and because technology moves quickly ... this probably will too).

Still, pain in the ass while your experiencing the clean up of the storm.

Sometimes I think I hate the clean up part.

Mary LA said...

Oh Pammie -- I broke off all communications with an ex-lover some years ago and then inadvertently sent a dozen emails telling him he would enlarge his horizons with some Viagra. He thought I did it deliberately. Bad timing for a virus.

Everyone understands these things happen.

Maija said...

Shit happens!! After all you have been through, don't sweat the small stuff. Life is to precious!!!

Sober Julie said...

Ughhh spam sucks so bad, it emailed my pastor a penis lengthening that was embarrassing!

Deep day at a time...laugh it off and figure out what the other issues were that are bothering you my friend.

dAAve said...

Yeah. It wasn't your fault. Not at all. don't be sorry nor embarrassed. It happens to many of us.
It's all part of the Total Entertainment Experience.

Annette said...

Ditto Maija. Love you Pam.

Lou said...

Sorry I sent those emails telling you that you were hacked. BTW, I'm working from home now, and made $800 in my SPARE time!!

Syd said...

Well, I am not hacked with you, Pammie. All is well here. No Viagra needed, no quick money scams, no Russian hookers after me--it's a good day.