Friday, January 6, 2012

Thank you My Mary

I love blogger games or blogger awards whichever you want to call it. It usually works its' way to all of us eventually.  So the Versatile Blogger thingy is the new one and thank you my sweet Mary at Being Sober for picking me to do the 7 things list.  I would like to pass it on to Annette at Journey of Recovery, Marci at Things I Think About, and Patty at Calm Acceptance because they have been such faithful readers and always leave me encouraging comments.

I will do my list tomorrow because I'm running behind schedule this morning.

Sober girl went to her pulminologist yesterday but never called me last night to tell me anything.  This annoys the heck out of me because I want specifics, reports, names of prescriptions.  I'm the first one she calls when things go wrong but then doesn't keep me up to date.  This morning is finally the OB/GYN appointment for the phone call of "you need to get in here immediately" during the whole eye surgery mess.  If I don't get a call about that, I will just call her.

When I left work yesterday I got my oil changed in my car and got it inspected, for some reason this makes me feel like such an adult and all proud .

I'm dull this morning LOL, but I'm sober.  OLE'


Mary Christine said...

Glad you liked the award. I was going to ask if you are still writing a poem for people who give you one, but I think I know the answer. :-)

Will wait to hear about the daughter - I think the fact that she didn't call you, although very rude, is good news. Hope the OB/GYN was exaggerating. They do that sometimes!

There was a commercial with Bette Midler at Christmas time that reminded me of you. She sang "in a one horse open sleigh - OLE!"

Syd said...

I would like to show you how to change your own oil. That gives a total sense of satisfaction. Then you could add apprentice gear head to your list of accomplishments.
Have a good day, Pammie.

Marcia said...

Thanks for the award Pammie, I'll try to come up with 7 things. :) Hope all goes well with SD today.

dAAve said...

"Dull" is not a word I would ever think of in a description of you.
Did they change the air in your tires too? I like to keep fresh air in mine.

Kitty said...

funny, I always feel like an adult when I get the oil changed too. and when I vote.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Pammie! I will have to do mine tomorrow too. God and all the angels must have shown up to give the Pam the day off-Take it!

amber said...

I found out about ur site from MC. I want to thank you for taking time out of ur day to write blogs that help me & others. U bring a smile to my face.

Annette said...

I love getting my oil changed too! I remember buying my first real household tool (a weed whacker) made me feel like an official grown up and so proud of myself. lol Aren't we funny creatures?

Thanks for the award...although I am not very versatile. I love routine and structure and CONTROL if the truth be known. lol That is where I am most comfortable....sad but true.

It will be fun to come up with 7 things though. So thank you for thinking of me!

PS: I would want details too. Love you Pam, have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

The car thing does it for me, too. And when I pay my bills early. Sobriety gave me that.

Mary LA said...

Hoping no news is good news -- and great nominations!