Friday, December 9, 2011


  • In Laws will be here today.  I never know how many projects I'm working on until I start trying to clear them away for company.
  • I have a couple of sponsees who really need my time right now and I'm having a hard time carving out any.
  • My neighbor with the 5 kids was showing me this project she has to make for her sons cub scout troop. She only had a few hours to make it and the other mothers in the troop have known about it for weeks.  I said "please let me help you, you must be a wreck trying to finish it in time."  She said "no, don't worry, I took a great little pill from the doctor that just makes everything fine."
  • I want a Fine pill.
  • One Fine pill would be great.
  • Two Fine pills would be better.
  • :-)
  • I guess Fine pills are for people who need to feel Fine.
  • I never wanted to feel Fine.
  • I always wanted to feel FABULOUS!
  • I've had my morning coffee, shower and a few moments with God.
  • I feel FABULOUS!
  • please don't post a comment with an acronym for fine.....none of them are new.


Mary Christine said...

Well, Pammie - I think you ARE fabulous! Maybe we should make up an acronym for that!

As a rule, I tend to hate the acronyms we come up with in AA - they usually discredit whatever a person has said. Like, you say you are fine, and someone smugly says "f---ed up, insecure.... bla bla bla." I don't think it's helpful unless your goal is to sound like a know-it-all.

OK so back to you....have a fabulous weekend with the inlaws. Try to find a tiny bit of time to relax while they are there. xoxoxo

Syd said...

Ha, the FINE pill for me came through the steps. Most days that works just great!

Lou said... what might be the generic name of that pill...

Patty said...

That was so very nice of you to offer to help your neighbor. I think you are fabulous also, and I have not even had my coffee yet! So how bout that! Have a great visit this weekend.

dAAve said...

Good luck today.

Marcia said...

I hope you are able to enjoy your in-laws. They may come from a cold state but we have warm hearts. :)