Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Monday-Your Tuesday-Everyones New DAY

I retrieved one of Mamas recipes that I want to cook for Thanksgiving.  It's written in paragraph form and says things like "take some butter" and "get you some eggs" and nowhere is a chart stating the equivalent of "some."

I'm anxious to get to work today where there is a cleaning crew roaming the facilities and it is not my responsibility to mop.

I work with a scientist who dresses straight from whatever the corner thrift store puts on half price.  He can explain hydrocarbons and lasers but does not realize that a sixty year old man should not wear yellow pants to work.  I love people like this.

I have bought nine Christmas gifts and wrapped all of them.....suckahs!

Lot's going on in blog land which I have tons of opinions on.  I am keeping most of them to myself.  It's something new I'm trying.  I should blow in day now.


Mary LA said...

Go on Pam, share a few opinions and liven things up. I never notice what's going on in blogland until it is over.

My housemate's late mother Drusilla had a book of recipes full of instructions that said 'take enough butter and then some extra' or 'use cocoa powder with discretion'.

Lou said...

I always know what's going on in blog land! And I've kept my opinions to myself, even had to delete two comments. I'm very pleased with myself!

patty said...

Im just glad you are here every morning. Can't get that yellow pants visual out of mind, LOL.

Syd said...

I think that physicists must dress differently from marine scientists. I wore jeans and denim shirts a lot, except when I would add a sweater in winter. None were yellow. But I like how scientists don't really care about dressing up every day. I don't think that I've ever walked into a marine lab where people were all wearing suits. Might be a new idea of Formal Friday.

Mary Christine said...

Yellow pants? That's awesome.

I don't think I know what's going on in blogland anymore. It's probably good that way.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

OMG I love recipes like that. I love cooks like that.

I am not sure I've reserved my opinion of late in my home group, I know it happens sometimes, but it's prolly more of an anomaly.... prolly why they made me GSR ... humbling, always more humbling.. :op

dAAve said...

I produced an audible laugh at your last sentence.

Marcia said...

Something's going on in blog land??