Monday, September 26, 2011

New Week

I took to my bed this weekend like a true southern woman with the vapors to avoid unpleasantness.  Housework, bills and commitments mean pillows covers and sleeping.  This leads to name calling of my own are a bum, you are such a procrastinator, you are no good...etc. AAARRRGGGGHHHH

I did manage to make it to my meeting last night but left 15 minutes before it was over. I just had to get out.  The last time I did that was in 1995 when I left a meeting, drove to a car dealership and bought a brand new Toyota.  I drove that car for 8 years and I did not even know I was going to buy it until it struck me in the middle of the meeting to do that.  Last night when I left the meeting, I went to the grocery store and bought six days worth of the food I eat when I diet.  It was cheaper than the 1995 trip.

My yearly review for my job is this Wednesday and I had better pull out of this funk before then so I can talk about how great I've done all year (good grief.)

I love Mondays!  I feel the newness of fresh starts, a chance to get it right, do it better.  I am a working girl and not a housework person.  I am a collage artist and not a floor mopper.  I like to read books not dust them.  I love to sleep in the bed not make it.  I love to fling my clothes not hang them.  I like to fill my ashtrays not empty them. So there!  Bite me.  ;-)

I have 1000 calories waiting for me today in a delicious combination and I am enthused to start.


Mary Christine said...

Hey, have you seen "" ? It is an awesome calorie counter. And you get more calories when you exercise!!!

I love Mondays too. And I really love that you are grateful even when feeling down.

Mary LA said...

I do my share of housework but I would also rather read books than dust them. Good luck with the new diet this week Pam.

Syd said...

Let's see--1000 calories in a combination. Not sure what I could do with that but cabbage would be a start. Add in some tomatoes and carrots and beans. Voila--diet soup. I would add spice of course. Take care, Pammie and have a good Monday.

Kitty said...

I too would rather read books than dust them. Rather cook than do dishes. Rather lounge in the bed than make it, rather buy clothes than wash them. I could go on and on. Right there with you.

dAAve said...

You just made me laugh.

Annette said...

1000?! Thats nothing...don't starve yourself!

Lou said... is the best calorie counter, and it breaks down all your nutrients into a colorful graph.

1000 calories does not leave much room for error. Good luck, Madison Mama.

Patty/calmacceptance said...

You need at least 1200 to get all of your nutrients. Just sayin'. I am back on my regime too after a week long relapse with New York extra sharp cheddar cheese. (See I dont have a problem, I buy the really good stuff, LOL!)

SoberSannie said...

Pammie, they can bite me too! loved your post.