Thursday, August 25, 2011

Shhhhhh Stop all that Talking

Yesterday I craved quiet and got it!  I spent the morning in silence with art projects and the afternoon in the pool with a book on the edge.  I did not speak except for the few questions about water and potty to the dog.  By evening I had decided I should convert to Catholicism and become a nun in some "Order of the Quiet Women" and THEN I would be happy and fulfilled.  This is pretty much my classic ......gotta have more of what I like.  Then the husband came home. sigh. The TV comes on the talking and questions and reminders and noise, noise, noise.

You know the saying "you made your bed now lie in it?"  I don't like that.  If you made your bed poorly then how about ripping the bedding off and starting over?  How about get a new bed?  How about moving into the spare bedroom and get in that bed?  How about just starting over?

I think, the older I get I'm just seeing "my bed" and some days I don't want to get into it much less just lay there.  Sometimes the familiar bed is comfy even if it needs washing.

I am off to enjoy this day among my noisy co-workers.


Syd said...

And some days I see things in those I love that drive me crazy. But most days, I know that I would be crazy without them.

Anonymous said...

The universal paradox is perfect. I might steal that one.

The whole 'made your bed' thing has always confused me. But I'm easily confused, so there you go. Nothing new there.

Anonymous said...

You need a "MURPHY BED".

Marcia said...

I like quiet. Sometimes I wish more people did.

dAAve said...

I've been stealing some of your pictures lately and randomly using them on Facebook.
Just thought you'd wanna know. LOL

Sober Julie said...

I'm also stealing your photos ;)

Anonymous said...

That sounds like the best kind of blood pressure medicine!
PS-unbeknownst to me, my settings were messed up and my posts were not feeding. Lou brought it to my attention, thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend :D