Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I have a lunch and learn at work today.  Free lunch while an expert on one subject or another stands and talks and shows slides.  I love going to these.

Well I am rushing this morning.  I guess the only thing that could possibly stand in the way of me having an excellent day would be me. 


Mary Christine said...

Have fun at your lunch and learn. I love drug company lunches - they are always good and I get to watch some doctor come and get nervous while they present something.

Have a wonderful day Pammie.

Lou said...

Free lunch..I'm in!!

Syd said...

I like those lunch bags. I think that is a brilliant idea. Hope the lunch and learn went well. We call them brown bag seminars. LOL.

Brad said...

Cool idea for the clear sandwich wrap! I have often been the person speaking at these. I kind of like doing that - even if everyone is having lunch, kinda checking out. I just chill down the talk, get more "real" and usually engage everyone. Have fun at yours!