Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Just another day

I'm watching an affair unfolding where I work.  They are becoming so wrapped up in it that they do not seem to realize that others are aware.  I think that "younger" women don't seem to know that these things always end badly.  Always.  It's as if people think they can beat the odds.  Of course, I know the feeling of thinking I can beat the odds, hell I'm a drug addict.  I'm grateful that I know the truth about such foolish and dangerous things now.

The back to school traffic started yesterday and it adds an extra half hour to my commute.  It's aggravating but a part of the cycle of every school year.  I made several calls last night to different friends and neighbors to hear how every ones first day back went.  In six weeks, the adolescent re-hab units will start filling up as report cards come out and bad grades will scare parents into seeking help for their pot heads and such.  This always holds true.

Going to work now because that's my obligation and commitment for this day.  Damn.


Mary Christine said...

When I was one of those younger women, I didn't care about it ending badly, I was so enraptured by the thrill of doing something awful.

When my hospital had child and adolescent units, they would fill up some time in October. After the kids had long enough to be noticed to be mentally ill by teachers - and after they had been counted in the annual head count.

Syd said...

People seem to persist in thinking that they can beat the odds. But that seems to rapidly decline with age. Have a good day, Pammie.

dAAve said...

At least you can watch an "affair" from a distance instead of being involved in it.
I love it that I rarely have to travel more than a couple of miles to go where I need to go.
I only drive about 500 miles/month.

Have a goodly day.