Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pull Up a Chair and Stay Awhile

  •  I forgot to tell y'all that when I went to the Biker thing on Saturday, I drove right past the cut off to my old house and had no desire to go look at it.  I realized that so much time has past that I really just don't give a shit.
  •  I came home from work yesterday (after grocery shopping and errands) and yahoo the neighbors are still here.  I cooked spaghetti for 9 people, played with the kids and went to bed.
  •  Yahoo they will be here tonight too.  I hope their puppy can find even more things to rip and chew. ;-)
  •  It was extra fun when the toilette become clogged and we were blowing out the lines outside in the dark.  Ahhh good times.
  •  The father of the household is a policeman and works nights.  He looked so happy to drive away last night.
  •  Inconvenience or not, I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to help my neighbor.  They are good people.
  •  Enjoy your day.


Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Gratitude for stuff you aren't aware of is contagious!

Syd said...

Hope that the biker thing raised money for the cause. Where is Dave? I am concerned.

Lou said...

Better you than me!!