Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Not Much

I had to go into town after work last night and since I was 25 miles closer to a VA facility than usual, I decided to go to a meeting that is mostly veterans.  The topic was sex in sobriety. sigh. I kept my mouth shut.  I will discuss sex in a 5th step with a sponsee because that is my responsibility, other than that no..... People have always poked fun at me about that but oh well.  It is never mandatory to share ones opinion or experience on any subject.  Private is private.

I am grateful :
For my big ol' comfy house and air conditioning.
That  yesterday I was able to book a 4 day weekend in May for North Carolina to see my brother and sister in law, thanks to a little bonus I received at work.
That someone thinks the work I do is deserving of a bonus.
That my husband and dog think I'm "all that."
That God seems to have a never ending well of grace and mercy with my name on it.


~dawn said...

Funny how we're all different in terms of our comfort and/or desire to discuss the matter.

I grew up in a home where you don't talk about it, and YOU DON'T DO IT..

Ya,, a few head issues to work through as I got older on that one!

At the end of the day, I'm like you,,
I reserve the topic for a safe place and people I know I can trust.

Congratuations on the bonus - organizations are not dolling those out with recent times
Nice to be appreciated - that's for sure

Shadow said...

hey, how is theo doing??? about a month ago on our walking route, a steel grey great dane and a speckledy white one had puppies, we counted 6 of them... they were too adorable.

dAAve said...

I think you're all that AND a bag of bonuses.

Bill said...

It's funny how we all clam up when this topic comes up. Well, except for the people that make us want to take the cotton out of our mouths and stick it back in our ears.

Dawn said...

I'm with you - I don't need to discuss sex in meetings. Geesh. And yay on the bonus. Recognition means a lot.

Syd said...

We are not the arbiter of anyone's sexual conduct--or something like that--from the Big Book. And I very much agree with you. No need to do fifth step stuff in meetings.

Hey, you will be in the northern Carolina when you come. I am in the southern one.