Sunday, March 20, 2011

You Get Then You GIVE

I ran into an old friend that I sat with for many years at a Tuesday night meeting.  I was so glad to see her and before I could hug her she started listing a dozen reasons why she hasn't been to meetings in the last year.  I finally had to stop her and say "jeez girl, I'm just happy to see your face and I would like to squeeze your body up against mine and feel some love exchange if that's OK with you!" 

She went on to tell me how she doesn't need to hear all the same stories anymore and that she has remained happy and sober and enjoying life.  I told her very gently......that now she is in the perfect place to go back to a newcomers meeting.  When you no longer feel that you have to go to a meeting to "get" then you can finally go to a meeting and "give."


Anonymous said...

Oooooo! I like this one! Have a great Sunday, Pam :)

BILL said...

Give that which was freely given to you
Very nice post

Syd said...

You are awesome.