Monday, March 7, 2011

They're All Out There Drinking

·         This weekend I discovered that the entire world is out there drinking. 
·         Every normal person I came in contact with had a drinking story from the previous night.
·         Shit-faced is still a term they use today. 
·         Using “shit” and “face” in the same sentence does not seem to bring forth any light bulbs over their heads.
·         I wonder if they ever connect “shit-head” or “shit for brains” with “shit-faced?”
·         Ok ok enough!
·         Drunk people really don’t want to talk about God.  It brings them down.
·         “My people” love to talk about God.  It brings us up.
·         Today begins another week of work where people are neither shit faced nor talking about God. 
·         sigh


Kristin H. said...

Thank you for putting into words what I have been thinking all week. It is strange how that light bulb simply doesn't go on.

PJ said...

So true, Pammie. I think I need to stop watching so much reality TV, too. The people on the shows can't do anything without a glass of wine or a cocktail in hand.

Syd said...

Ha, love it. Shit head--yea, there are lots of those out there too.

Shadow said...

there's so much truth in your words, and it's totally sad...