Monday, March 14, 2011

Stretch-Shower-Pray and Let's Go

I am ready for Monday in a naive sort of “what could possibly go wrong?” kind of way.  I wash all my bedding in Lavender Downy on Sundays so that could be it.
Everyone is talking about Spring Break and vacation plans with the kids.  I think we used to have Easter Vacation but I don’t recall hearing the words “Spring Break” when I was growing up.  For us, Easter Vacation was just days spent at home instead of at school.  Some of my co-workers are taking their kids to Disney World, Sea World, skiing, beaches etc.  If I remember correctly, Easter Vacation was spent spring cleaning the house.
I am grateful today for what has not even happened yet because I know that God has all kinds of surprises waiting for me as I step out of my house.  I need to be aware of this so I don’t miss anything.

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Anonymous said...

I went to Catholic School and have a bit of an OCD/cleanliness obsessed mother, so my break experience was similar to yours. However, growing up in southern California, Easter Vacation marked the onset of 'tanning season.' Instead of an easter basket, I would get a child size igloo cooler filled with easter grass and candy, a beach towel, and a little beach chair. My mother loved the beach :)